Property Rewires

Do you need your property rewiring, then you’ll need a reliable team of electricians to rewire your property. We are experts in domestic houses, offices amd commercial buildings

If it is a property that you need rewiring, whether it’s a house or a commercial property. K&L Electrical are experts in full rewires and rewiring services to properties throughout Manchester, Liverpool, Warrington and St Helens, and other areas across the North West. all to current UK electrical safety standards. Part P and the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC)

We always provide the highest level of customer care & satisfaction possible. In the 12 years we have been trading as K&L Electrical we have wired 100’s of properties, on average we take 3 – 4 days from start to finish on a domestic property. We work efficiently and cleanly with minimal disruption, we will always ensure we leave your premises clean and tidy. also all of our work is certified to bs 7671, to give you peace of mind.
We provide all the materials, cable, sockets, switches, consumer unit, back boxes, pendants. you don’t have to buy a thing, we will take care of it all, all materials are included in the price.

Also each employee is CRB checked. (Criminal Records Bureau ) to give you more peace of mind.

The cost of rewiring a can vary, but we have a sensible approach on prices.

We can also do part rewires and kitchen rewires, full or partial office rewiring.

K&L electrical are fully insured, and certified to carry out all types of rewires in a safe and reliable manner. The key to our success has been our ability in the planning, preparation, and customer consideration, We have completed 100’s of rewiring projects and our clients have been more than satisfied with the end results,

Don’t just take our word for it; see what our customers think of us for yourself.

K&L Electrical work quickly and efficiently with a team of electricians, to complete the wiring project as quickly as possible – thereby minimizing the disruption to your premises. For more information please contact us via the online form, or telephone K&L directly on 01925 225191.
We are fully insured with £5,000,000 public liability insurance with professional indemnity, fully compliant with the current health and safey legislation. Copies of these documents are available on request.

The NIC-EIC Insurance Backed Warranty covers work done by contractors registered to the NIC-EIC Domestic Installer Scheme. See the benefits of using a contractor registered by the NIC-EIC.

K&L Electrical can offer a free electrical survey, for both domestic or commercial property by one of our qualified electricians.Our electrician would visit your home and diagnose any potential electrical problems you have.

Wouldn’t it be safer for you and your family, If a professional qualified electrician came to diagnose any problems. You would then be supplied with a free no obligation quote for any work required. With this quote you know the exact cost to rectify the issues. Now you can’t say fairer than that! click here to read this article, it will give you a good insight of how K&L Electrical would rewire your house.

If you’re thinking you need a rewire but not sure, here are a few signs what you should look out for?

Problem Wiring Example

The rewiring would be required if the electrical wiring in your property is old or inadequate, otherwise over time this could cause an urgent safety matter. The first sign to check is the color of the cables, if you find black colored / black sheathed cables entering the consumer unit, then this is an immediate sign that the wiring needs checking professionally.

Modern electrical cables are either grey or white and are insulated by a coating of PVC – the old black cables were insulated with rubber which perishes and decays with age. if you had a fuse board replacement you would still have the problems. These black rubber coated wires could be up to 40 years old, over the time the deterioration allows the conductors inside the cable to meet. This can manifest itself as a blown fuse, but if you replace the fuse it will simply blow again. The only solution is to replace the wiring, contact us for a free electrical survey or read on for other signs to watch out for.

Other items to look out for include metal conduits running to the sockets or lights, aluminium cable (in use primarily from the 1950s to the 1970s), lead sheathed cables (common in the 1930s) for socket circuits. Sockets on skirting boards with no on/off switch, and an rewireable fuse board.

It’s not just about being on the safe side. Are you looking to sell or rent soon?

Modern properties place a much higher demand on the electrical system than in years past, if you think, the wiring was designed for the property and what it would be used for, but say your property was built in the 60’s they never had microwaves and dvd’s, so over the years with all the technology being added to the house it will be putting a lot more strain on your electrical wiring, if you have old wiring it is probably an accident waiting to happen. 50% of new homeowners require additional socket outlets within twelve months of purchase of a new dwelling. There is a minimum number of sockets that should be installed in a house, Smaller Dwellings Room size Typically 4-12m²: Living Room 4, Single Bedroom 2, Kitchens 6. Even if the safety issues aren’t enough to convince you, you will have to get your electrics updated before you sell your house or rent it out, a basic electrical periodic inspection report will reveal any inadequate or defective electrical systems and prove if a building or home is electrically safe. No mortgage lender will lend money on a property that could be a potential fire hazard. If you keep on top of the electrical maintenance, you could see any problems before its to late.
If you have concerns about the electrical systems in your property then contact K&L Electrical using our simple contact form or by telephoning us directly on 01925 225191. Just let us know the  type of work required.

What’s stopping you from rewiring the property yourself?

With the Government’s new IEE wiring regulations in place, there are strict limits to the work that you can do yourself. These include the replacement of existing accessories such as sockets, switches and ceiling roses or damaged cabling. House rewiring should be carried out by trained, qualified and experienced electricians.

With K&L’s house rewiring services, we issue an NIC-EIC certificate to the householder for the work undertaken. K&L would also notify the Local Authority Building Control on your behalf to record that the property has had a successful rewired. You as the householder would then be issued with a Building Regulations Compliance Certificate.

If you have any concerns or would like to book one of our electricians to do an electrical assessment please let us.